Our company is committed to client satisfaction, reliability and safety! We are responsible for the services we provide. We follow transparent methods which allow our clients to rely on our service and provide safe and secure delivery.

  • Chennai to Jammu and Mumbai to Guwahati.
  • Reliable network of operators across the country – small town to metros.
  • Established business and organization across 50 years.
  • Very reliable people and established relationships at every city and town.
  • Reliability and permanency – Very strong employee relationships and retention.
  • Responsible Business Model.
  • Strong Industry Experience – Freightco is the largest beverages, beer, and liquor focused logistics company (Largest Network).
  • Works with leading brands in India.
  • Beverage industry experience has been immense – A lot of learning which adds value to the relationship.
  • Freightco is growing and expanding in the beverages transport space.
  • Raw material, packaging materials, empty bottle, finished goods transportation.
  • Established a process to manage business information and confidentiality.
  • Working with competing brands with great responsibility for managing information and business relationships.
  • Our relationship with a wide network of suppliers/ owners of vehicles gives us a cost advantage.
  • It also ensures timely placement of vehicles even at crucial moments / peak periods.
  • Freightco gives the “ extra bit” at no extra cost.
  • Established offices at 30+ locations.
  • Potential opening of new offices to mirror new accounts..