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Road Transport

Freightco India limited is committed towards providing high quality and comprehensive trucking services across India. We understand that one of the primary vocal demands of any business is to obtain efficient and hassle free services. Thus, for the best support and purpose, our business entity is backed up with all the latest technologies that are capable of delivering supreme road transport services at the most competitive rates.

By gaining prominence in safe transportation of various categories of cargo, Freightco has become one of the oldest players in India, which offers this service. Immaculate planning and execution as per our client's requirements and complete transparency has ensured that our clients are pleased with the services that we offer.

  • Knowledge and implementation of frequent changes in the laws of the land.
  • Constant track of enquiries and orders from valued customers.
  • Timely and efficient handling of goods.
  • Safe, eco-friendly and cost efficient modes of transportation facilities.
  • Whether you are moving locally or nationally, choosing Freightco is the best move you can make.


We are C & F agents for one of the world's largest Alco-Bev manufacturers, for the state of West Bengal.

For our last mile delivery business, we operate a warehouse of 10,000 sq. feet in Surat and a warehouse of about 25,000 sq. feet in Jangalpur, Kolkata.

Negotiations are in very advanced stages for constructing a warehouse of approx. 50,000 sq. feet in Bannur, Karnataka.

Whether you are in need of General Warehousing, Custom Bonded or Excise Bonded warehousing Freightco is your best solution.
Depending on individual requirements, we offer secure public warehousing services that match with the size and storage needs of our clients.

By carefully understanding individual needs and, estimating business and logistics needs, Freightco experts aim to get you acquainted with the robust solutions that drive maximum value for your business. Quick response, flexibility and safest storage of goods are some of the obvious reasons of choosing our warehouse services.

  • Commitment to deliver excellent operations in all terrains.
  • Availability of storing items of all specific sizes.
  • Safest storage of goods in facility.
  • Triple checking as well as controlling entry and exit of goods.
  • Concentrate on core business competencies.
  • Allows greater flexibility options for clients.

Track your consignment

A web based application is under construction and shall provide the following information to our registered customers:

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Delivery details.

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Warehouse stock.

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Track your truck.

‘For business, as with armies, logistics can make all the difference between success and failure.’